• How to Pick the Perfect Blank T-shirt

    May 22

    Choosing a perfect blank t-shirt for your brand is a tough and important decision. It is the basis of your business growth and customer turnover will depend upon it. If you are in the clothing business, you need to closely monitor the type of blank t-shirts you are using for printing. The main factors to consider in this regard are the different colors and textures available, sizes available, fitting, and the fabric quality. Below is a brief explanation of these factors for six different blank t-shirt apparel brands and it would help you in choosing the blank t-shirts for your business.

    Alstyle Apparel and Active Wear

    Alstyle Apparel and Active Wear Quality: The blank t-shirt manufactured by Alstyle has a slightly thick fabric but most people have claimed that in fact it is a soft t-shirt and is comfortable in wearing. The variety of blank t-shirts they produce is large and you have the option to choose from 22 basic blank t-shirt styles. The most popular models of blank t-shirts they produce are 1901 adult short sleeve tee which is 100% preshrunk cotton and is 5.5 oz. It is a basic blank t-shirt. Then comes 1701 ring-spun tee which is softer than the other models. It is 100% ring spun preshrunk cotton and is 5.5 oz. Then comes the 5301 model which comes in the more fashionable type. It is 4.3 oz. and 100% combed preshrunk cotton. Colors: Some models of Alstyle blank t-shirts have a variety of color schemes but they mostly prefer dark colors. They produce blank t-shirts in all basic colors such as black, grey and white. Some models have rare color schemes such as mustard and banana color but they might be attractive to some brands. Sizing: Alstyle manufactures blank t-shirts in all the sizes that are found usually in the market. Their blank t-shirts range from small size to double or triple XL. But they are 100% preshrunk cotton shirts so that should be kept in mind. The one drawback of their blank t-shirts I found is that they don’t produce the extra small size for the adult category.


    Alternative Quality: This brand has been around for quite a long time and is popular for producing soft blank t-shirts in the industry. They have a variety of models and offer 44 different styles alone in their blank t-shirts category. Two of the famous models they produce are AA05 crew tee and AA1070 basic crew. Both types are made from 100% cotton jersey fabric and have a lighter weight than the others. AA1070 model is my preference as it has a wide color selection and has tags that can be easily torn off. Sizing: This brand manufactures blank t-shirt in sizes ranging from small to triple XL and has a huge selection to offer. The drawback is that the cotton used for these blank t-shirts is not preshrunk and you might consider ordering a size up from your normal size to retain the fitting after washing. However, they instruct to wash your t-shirts in cold water to minimize the shrinkage. Colors: The AA1070 model which I mentioned earlier alone comes in 25 different colors alone which is a plus point. You can choose from a diversified variety of colors. They don’t have unusual colors for the blank t-shirts but some specific styles offer such colors. Fitting: The fitting for Alternative apparel blank t-shirts has some issues in it. I compared the size of blank t-shirts by this brand to the t-shirts I usually wear of another brand because I was aware of their fitting. The size number was almost the same as my usual brand sizes. The t-shirts of this brand were a small fit to me and I had to exchange them with a size up. The size I wear for my brand is a medium but the large size for this brand was also a bit short to me. But it also depends on the brand and style of the blank t-shirt you prefer to wear.

    American Apparel

    American Apparel Quality: The blank t-shirts produced by American Apparel are the most famous ones in the market as they have the appropriate thickness and are also soft and comfortable in wearing. Their models have a mixed fabric and they mostly use polyester, cotton, and rayon. Sizing: This brand manufactures blank t-shirt in a variety of sizes ranging from XXS to 3XL. Always consult the sizing chart to select your size and you might consider ordering a size up for blank t-shirt by this brand as they are made from cotton. Colors: This brand offers the most diversified color selection in the market with 47 colors being produced for different models of blank t-shirts. They add more and more colors for a blank t-shirt from time to time. So if you want to buy blank t-shirts, there is a chance American Apparel has the color you are looking for. Fitting: The fitting of a blank t-shirt manufactured by American Apparel is the plus point. Their blank t-shirts have a nice amount of length and most of the models have a slim fit but again it depends on the user the style and fitting they prefer for their blank t-shirts.


    Anvil Quality: The model for the blank t-shirt manufactured by Anvil I have used is 980. I think it is known to few people and is not popular as it should be. Because it is a lot thicker and softer than other brands at a cheaper price. It is 100% combed ring-spun cotton blank t-shirt having a tear-away tag. Sizing: The 980 model comes in a wide variety of sizes ranging from small to triple XL. As the fabric is preshrunk cotton, you should order the true size for this model since the shrinkage after washing will be minimal. Colors: 20 different colors are available for the 980 models. They produce blank t-shirt in the basic colors only and you won’t find any rare or striking colors to choose from. Fitting: The fit for the blank t-shirt manufactured by this brand is similar to other brands explained but there are few differences. As its fabric made is thicker, it is more comfy and soft than other blank t-shirts. There is a bit of zipping out of sleeves but it depends on your build type.


    Gildan Quality: Gildan is a popular and comparatively cheaper blank t-shirts brand than the other one. The two famous models are heavy cotton 5000 and soft style 64000. 5000 is a preshrunk cotton blank t-shirt whilst 64000 is preshrunk ring-spun cotton blank t-shirt. Their blank t-shirt is usually thick and rugged but most people have regarded it as the softest blank t-shirt they have ever used. Sizing: The 5000 model comes in size from XS to Triple XL whilst the 64000 model comes in size from small to triple XL. As the fabric for these blank t-shirts is preshrunk, you should order your true size. But people have reported shrinkage in these shirts. To minimize shrinkage in these blank t-shirts, wash them in cold water. Colors: There is a wide range of colors available for this brand. The 64000 model has 27 different colors and 5000 model has 37 different colors. The advantage is that unusual and rare colors are available for this brand. Fitting: People have different views on this brand. Some like it due to some reasons but some dislike it due to other reasons. The main issue observed is that these blank t-shirts are advertised as preshrunk cotton but people have reported significant shrinkage after 1st wash. People have also reported sizing issues even with a fresh piece out of the box.


    Tultex Quality: This is another brand for blank t-shirt which is also relatively cheaper. They have only four models so they lack behind a bit in terms of models. They are soft and comfortable in wearing. The only drawback with these blank t-shirts is that they are very thin and it is much visible. The only model I have used is 0202 blank t-shirt. It is 100% ring cotton spun t-shirt and is 4.5 oz. and the label can be torn off. Sizing: The 0202 blank t-shirt comes in size ranging from XXS to 3XL. They also show significant shrinkage if washed in hot water so either you can order a size up from your normal size or wash them as per the instructions. Colors: 22 different colors are available for 0202 blank t-shirts which are quite basic colors. No unusual or glamorous color options are available. You might want to consider lighter colors as they are a bit see-through due to their thinness. Fitting: The 0202 model of blank t-shirts have a relatively better fit than the other models of other brands. But again it depends on the build type and the preference of the user. The length of this blank t-shirt is quite average. The sleeves are also nicer than the other brands and don’t fly out. The only issue with this blank t-shirt is that they have a significantly higher shrinkage ratio after washing. The only way to avoid this is to wash in cold water and hang to dry. Maybe if a bit thicker fabric is used and the shrinkage issue is looked upon, this brand can be more popular amongst the blank t-shirts market.