• Creating Your Own Custom Printed T Shirt Labels

    Jun 7

    When it comes to creating your own clothing line or selling wholesale apparel, finding the right design can be a long process. Adding a custom printed label on the inner neck of your blank t-shirts is the hottest trend in the area, and fortunately, it's a cheap alternative to sew! There are many reasons to create your own brand logo or remove the original brands from the wholesale apparel and replace them with your own print design is an incredible way to really show the competition and make your blank t-shirts look good as possible. Before you go to the step of creating your tags, you need to prepare yourself, inform you and create a plan.

    1. Do your research and plan everything.

    There are countless clothing stores around the world and for you to choose blank t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, shirts, knitwear and pants all through varying price ranges and qualities. Wholesale apparel is a great option, and much of the option of many stores as it will save enough in your pocket and make quite a profit because wholesale apparel will provide very cheap clothing. If you are not upset, and in your head prefer to sell handmade products, don’t step back, show the world your talent. It's your choice. After a decision is made you will be able to think about your brand that will represent your business and think about a logo and design to apply on your shirts and labels.

    2. Know your competition.

    If you choose to sell wholesale apparel, you need to know the brands of clothing that will compete. If you are starting a business based on blank t-shirts you have to look at what other companies of this type of clothing are doing. Stay informed about the variety of designs, prices, or promotions because it can make you remember some new ideas for your own business strategy. Nowadays, this kind of research can be done easily from blogs of competitive brands or subscribe to their newsletters to stay informed. This knowledge can help you keep up.

    3. Know your finances before you begin.

    Once you have your plan on track, you have an idea how much it will cost you. When you start to create, buy wholesale apparel or customize your blank t-shirts, keep in mind your expenses. Compare price among several companies to get the best deal, without sacrificing quality. When creating your own handmade business, you will need to invest in fabrics, products or finishes that you want to apply. Buying wholesale apparel, you need to do accounts to the shipments of products, boxes and of course, clothing. Don’t assume that it is easy to create a business of blank t-shirts, it is not cheap. Regardless of what you plan to do, decide when you think you can pay for your products.

    4. Find partners.

    You will probably start your business by yourself, but you need to find partners for increasing your brand potential and help you reach your goals. Do you think you'll be able to place orders, talk to customers, create labels or advertise your brand, all alone? Find partners you can trust to "complete" you in terms of knowledge, which one has missing the other has the most. You know how to sew but to make the design of the labels is not so good, find someone with creativity. Or someone who has more knowledge in wholesale apparel, and you will deal with marketing. There is never too much help to grow your business. Once you have your ideas in order, you know exactly what you want, and the only thing missing is to represent your brand, you want people to know that that blank t-shirt is your brand and recommend it to a friend. Oh yes, you can start thinking about the design of your labels. We help.

    5. Why should I print my t-shirt labels instead of sewing?

    Creating your labels on your clothes will show customers that your line is the real deal, while also providing more comfortable wear. Printed labels offer more space for an artistic design that will have a presence for capturing buyers and leaving an impression on the identity of your brand. Stickers made under wholesale apparel help keep your line of blank t-shirts or any item from different styles and colors. There is no better way to legitimize your line and keep up with big brands than your own printed labels.

    6. What do I need to include in clothing labels?

    The first thing you want to include in your label is the fabric content, care instructions and size of the blank t-shirts that you are using. In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that this information be included on all clothing before it is sold. For more information, visit the FTC website. When choosing your blank t-shirts or other items, you will need to certify that shirts are stitched on stickers or a torn sticker. To print your label, we need a clean surface!

    7. How do I start designing my label?

    When designing, there are a few things to consider. To create a lighter print with one, you'll want to incorporate a lighter color into your design. Think of sketches and light sources. When it comes to printing dark colors on blank t-shirts, it is possible that the print may appear slightly from the back of that t-shirt, depending on the weight and contents of the fabric. This is another of these anomalies that unfortunately is inevitable. Generally speaking, using heavier weight tees and lighter colored paint will help prevent this. In addition, you will be informed that you will be able to feel the impression a little more on sweaters darker than you will on lighter colored shirts. Keep in mind the size of anything on your custom t-shirt labels. The maximum image size allowed for custom printed labels is 4 in width x 4 in height, so although it is roomy, there may be a lot to fit in these dimensions. The smallest size of the type is 6 points. They are smaller than they can be difficult to read.

    8. Some tips for you to better understand what you have to apply on your label:

    • Use light-colored paint on a dark shirt so your label is easily readable.
    • Always include the RN number on your label if it is necessary for your company.
    • Let people know how to take better care of your shirt, including care instructions on your label.
    • Make sure that people can easily find and read the size of the shirt on your tag.
    • Add an icon that represents your brand well.
    • Make a statement using your logo on the tag.
    After all, love what you do and do what you love. Your passion will definitely appear on your brand image. The more fun you have, the more productive it will be. Just don’t let go when things don’t go the way you want. With effort and sweat will represent your brand as you always wanted.