What is the Best Blank T-shirt to Use?

Choosing blank t-shirts for your brand can be a tough and confusing decision. There are many aspects to consider like material, color, fabric, fit and quality of the blank t-shirts. If you are starting your own wholesale clothing line, then more focus on these aspects would be needed as potential brands would be your customers and they would give huge importance on the quality of the blank t-shirt they are buying from you.

If you are new in the wholesale clothing business then don’t worry, with little assistance you can opt the right decisions for your brand and grow your business successfully. Below are the factors you should consider when selecting blank t-shirts for your wholesale clothing company.

1. 50/50 blends vs. Tri-blend vs. Cotton:

There are many basic things to consider when selling blank t-shirts. First comes the material of the blank t-shirt. Every customer, first of all, touches the t-shirt to feel its material. As they say, the first impression is the last, if the feel is rough the customer will most likely not buy the blank t-shirt or show no interest.

Make sure that when a customer touches your shirt, they feel the softness and velvet touch in the shirt that they are compelled to consider it for buying.

A. 50/50 blend
50/50 blend blank t-shirts are those which are produced from a mix of cotton and polyester. The cotton gives a smooth and comfortable feel to the blank t-shirt whilst the polyester makes the blank t-shirt tear-resistant. The 50/50 blend blank t-shirt are normally cheaper than the 100 cotton made blank t-shirts and more importantly, the shrinkage is very minimal in these types of shirts.

B. Tri-blend
Tri-blend blank t-shirts are a mix of three materials, cotton, polyester and rayon. The addition of rayon gives the blank t-shirt super softness and they can be softer than 100% cotton blank t-shirts. They don’t trap the heat between your body and the blank t-shirt you are wearing which makes them cozier.

C. 100% percent cotton
These are the most popular type of blank t-shirts in the market. They are famous for their comfortability, softness and durability. They give a cool feel on warm days. Now there are several sub-option in 100% cotton blank t-shirts. For example, 100% cotton ring-spun blank t-shirts are more comfortable and soft and screen printing is easier on them.

Some buyers or customers also prefer the blank t-shirts made from organic cotton which means they are made from cotton that is grown with use of pesticides or fertilizers and these are usually expensive.

2. Most popular brands:

When you choose which brand to use for blank t-shirts, then it is your decision that you want to reveal its name to your customers or not. You can tear away the label of that brand and re-label the blank t-shirts with our own brand name. Or you can communicate all the information including the brand name you are buying for your wholesale clothing. It all depends on you that how much information you want to pass on to your customers.

3. Standard brands:

Some of the famous brands for producing blank t-shirts are Fruit of the loom, Anvil, Hanes and Gildan. These are brands you can choose for your wholesale clothing line to get amazing stuff in minimal prices. They all produce 100% cotton blank t-shirts with standard looser fitting unless you opt for a specific fitting available in some brands like Gildan.
Blank t-shirts produced by standard brands are comfortable, have a wide range of colors and give a nicer look when printed with graphics.

4. Consider your target

Now that you are well aware of the different blends and brands of blank t-shirts, it’s time to move forward and decide which customers you want to target and which styles you want to produce.

If you have decided to sell blank t-shirts to the customers with fashion needs and who have trendy needs, then you might choose American Apparel or Alternative Apparel with a soft and comfortable mix.

On the other side, if your customers desire sportswear then you should opt for standard brands such as Fruit of the loom or Gildan with the 50/50 blend. It would be the perfect classic tee that is best for tougher uses like in athletic sports.

For streetwear customers, usually, focus on the design and appeal of the tee and want something which is not available anywhere. So irrespective of the brand, you should focus on the graphics and design you would want to print on the blank t-shirts.

And lastly, if you want to target the people who are hikers, campers or are associated with outdoor activities then you should opt-out for organic blank t-shirts as they are more mindful about the products they use and how they affect the natural environment.

5. The takeaway

The reason for all the discussion above wasn’t t tell which brand or blend is better than the other. We just wanted to give you an open idea to choose the right type of blank t-shirts for your wholesale clothing business. You might be now well aware of the differences and uses of different blank t-shirts, you can make a better decision for your customers to provide them with the best tees and grow your wholesale clothing business.