• Here are top 10 blank apparel brands that you should not miss in 2021

    May 29

    It is extremely difficult to remain relevant between brands throughout the year. Also, as blank apparel brands become more fluid because the market is ever-growing. Without further, here's what we think is like top 10 blank apparel brands that you should not miss in 2017.

    1. Anvil

    Being famous for providing clothing for over 100 years, you seek Anvil when you want a classic and semi-fitted silhouette, having the right fit for both men and women. Their product line is made of remover, which is ideal for anyone who needs white clothing or makes their own wholesale clothing store. Today, style, originality and quality are a basic part of this fabric. An entire range of branded clothing is super comfortable and undoubtedly fresh. For women looking for a cut under the most fashionable fashion, Anvil Fashion Basics is a wonderful choice, made from a 100% super comfortable and well-crafted cotton fabric to fit a woman's body. You can also use an Anvil to buy blank apparel for your business.

    2. Bella + Canvas

    A wholesale clothing manufacturer Bella + canvas you can guarantee quality. This brand has more than 10 years of experience of high-level manufacturing apparel that has always met the highest and most stringent quality standards in producing its lines of clothing for men and young people. Bella + Canvas is already a number 1 supplier of women's clothing in their market and has pushed the boundaries with style, and quality standards with its masculine and youthful lines of clothing as well.

    3. Champion

    Founded in New York, Champion continues over the years to do what they do best by creating classic sports clothing. The main products remain sweatshirts, hoodies and sweatpants, in classic navy and black colours as well as muted pastel green, yellow and pink. A knit manufacture, a demand for sportswear led to a Champion collection being sold directly to schools and universities, mainly in the sale of blank apparel.

    4. Fruit of the Loom

    A small label containing colourful fruits affixed to underwear, T-shirts and pants is the most unconditional guarantee of high-quality products and comfort. After all, for over 150 years, Fruit of the Loom has been manufacturing and marketing basic clothing that has earned the trust of millions of multi-generation consumers. Being a well-known brand, it is also featured for people who start their business or need quality blank apparel to print, Fruit of the Loom has become highly recommended. You can also find sweaters of this brand on wholesale clothing sites.

    5. Gildan

    Gildan is a leading supplier of quality apparel including blank apparel, sport shirts, underwear, stockings and shapewear. The Company sells its products under a diversified portfolio of its own brands, including the brands Gildan, Gold Toe, Anvil and Comfort Colours, among others. It distributes its products in print markets in the United States and Canada, as well as in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. The brand also markets its products to a broad spectrum of retailers, primarily in the US and Canada. Their clothes are known for being super comfortable and agreeable.

    6. Hanes

    Hanes is a leading apparel manufacturer and marketer of blank apparel sales. This brand sells bras, panties, shapewear, men's underwear, children's underwear, socks, T-shirts, sweaters, fleece and other activewear. Hanes has a long history of innovation, product excellence and brand recognition. In fact, nearly 90 percent of US households have company products in them. Unlike most clothing companies, Hanes mainly operates its own manufacturing facilities. More than 90 percent of apparel units that sell worldwide and in the United States are manufactured in our own factories or from dedicated contractors.

    7. Harriton

    Harriton shirts and apparel produce some of the best wholesale clothing available within the entire workwear industry. With a wide variety of polo shirts, t-shirts, dress shirts, woollen coats, and more. Harriton knows what it takes to produce quality workwear that lasts. The wholesale clothing is comfortable and it is the main point on which Harriton really works in its quality. Since they are blank apparel you can print logos, quotes or other tattoos, so that once you have washed them, the prints will not disappear or will not become cracked. With all these features, Harriton tries to make apparels that are affordable for all types of customers.

    8. Jerzees

    For many years Jerzees has been a manufacturer of top quality and value T-shirts for consumers and the wholesale clothing industry. Jerzees continued to provide unmatched activewear in the form of T-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, sweatpants and more. The clothes are considered casual and comfortable, and you will have a choice in a wide variety of vibrant colours. It is widely used to customize and place logos due to its variety of blank apparel.

    9. Next Level

    This brand offers the latest fashions with quality incorporating innovative soft fabrics with an unequalled value. With an exceptional colour palette, date and fit styles continue to define the Next Level as one of the leading suppliers of fashion blank apparel in the US market. Next Level Apparel is committed to the highest standards in all aspects of our business. The continued growth and recognition as a leading supplier of blank apparel is a testament to a hard and dedicated job. You can shop at wholesale clothing sites and customize them to your liking.

    10. Rabbit Skins

    A leading brand of children's and sportswear within the blank apparel industry. All products are manufactured only with the softest and highest quality materials. Your little ones deserve the best children's clothing where you can find this store and be happy to offer wholesale clothing from Rabbit Skins at wholesale prices. With cheap kids t-shirts, polo shirts, zip jackets, bibs, blankets and more available in all sizes and many colours, you will have no trouble finding the perfect outfit.
  • Learn How to Sell Wholesale Clothing to Other Retailers

    May 19

    Growing and maintaining a business isn’t always that easy. It comes with many challenges and up and downs throughout. Sometimes selling to other customers directly or opening up a clothing store doesn’t go well for you and doesn’t bring the desired profits. You may want to consider supplying your own products to other stores and retailers and start a wholesale clothing business. Due to the bulk quantities of products involved, you will incur lesser costs and the profits would grow at a better pace than selling to customers. There are many advantages to starting a wholesale clothing business. Your revenues will grow much faster plus you would not need to advertise your products or business at a huge level as it would be done by the retailers and stores you would be selling to. They will market your products and advertise your business amongst their customers through their own marketing strategies and eventually your wholesale business will grow gradually.

    Different prices for different customers

    There are two different types of customers. One is the consumers who make direct purchases from you and the second is the retailers who purchase a bulk volume of products from you. You should always place special importance on your retailers and facilitate them at your best because they are the ones who will contribute significantly to your growing revenues. Prices for retailers should be always lesser than the direct consumers. For instance, if you are selling a pen for $30 directly to your consumers via your social media pages or website, then the price of the same for your retailers should be $15 or $20. They will buy in bulk and you will earn a profit either way. There should be special sales for retailers because they would not be happy if you put out a mega sale for your direct consumers as the retailers would feel at loss that way.

    Minimum orders

    To increase your revenues and grow your business, you shall apply a minimum order rule for your products. It means that retailers and wholesale clothing buyers must order a minimum amount of products in order to successfully place an order. This will earn you profit even by giving discounted prices as they would be buying in bulk.

    Advanced wholesale pricing strategy

    Some wholesale clothing companies offer a different type of wholesale pricing and now it is getting famous worldwide. It means the more units of products of will order, the price per unit will gradually decrease. For e.g., if the price for 200 units is $20/unit, then the price for 400 units will be $15 and the price for 600 units will be $10. It’s up to you that at which level you want to stop decreasing the price. The strategy here is to attract the retailers in buying larger quantities of products thus increasing the revenues. You should introduce incentives for your new wholesale clothing retailers. They might be new in business and seeking to make long-term relationships with suppliers so you might consider losing up the terms for your wholesale program. You can exempt them from the minimum order rule and let them buy lesser quantities of products initially to make them regular customers of your business. But you should not adopt this as a policy as it will impact your business and later on ask the retailers to strictly follow the terms of your wholesale program.

    Allow other retailers to sell on your behalf

    This type of business or selling strategy is growing much nowadays. It means that there would be no physical stock of your products with retailers. Your customers will buy your products directly from their website and they will buy that product from you and ship it to the customer. It is called a third-party selling arrangement. The prices paid to you for your products might be a little lesser as you didn’t have to market your products for sale and those products are being sold by a third party on your behalf. This can be a tough arrangement to retain but you can always forecast your profits if you are to adopt this kind of selling settlement. The profits might be low but there is no hassle of advertising and other stuff related to a wholesale clothing business.

    Final tips for selling to other wholesale clothing retailers

    Starting a wholesale clothing business means you are moving on the bigger platform and can invest your time, efforts, and money in the B2B business as it always gives higher revenues. You might want to consider consulting a local business advisor or do some research on your own as this business has its own challenges and is not always easy to retain and grow. You can interact with other people in this business and avoid mistakes that can cost you both your time and money.
  • How to Start a Wholesale Clothing Blank Apparel Business

    May 15

    Many people who are into the clothing business prefer to buy the products in bulk which also increases their profit and reduces their cost. Buying wholesale clothing has been a practice for many years now. Many clothing retailers adopt this practice, by purchase products at a lower in bulk and selling them at a higher profit margin. If you are planning to buy clothes from the wholesale market and sell them independently, then there are few things you must consider before.

    Targeting a customer segment for your wholesale clothing business

    You should try to differentiate yourself from other clothing sellers to attract your customers for selling wholesale clothing. For example, you can start a clothing business for specific segments i.e. infants, teens, or women. Obtain a government license to run a business in your area. This scenario might be different for every country but you need to make sure you are doing the business in a legal and legitimate way. Obtain a selling certificate or tax permit, for instance, from your relevant government administration. This documentation would be necessary while buying bulk products from wholesale clothing suppliers.

    Arrange a suitable selling place for your business

    You should decide that whether you are going to choose an expensive physical store for your business or you would start with a website of your own initially. You can also sell your products via Amazon or other such websites.

    Find a warehouse area for your blank apparel products

    If you opt to run your business via a website or external websites then you might consider securing a storehouse to safely store your clothing products. Or maybe a huge closet initially.

    List down the brands to sell

    Decide that you want to sell luxury brands or would go for local or discounted brands. This would be necessary as your whole clothing suppliers would want to know which type of clothes they need to provide and how they will do business with you. You can still sell luxury brands aside from time to time but you won’t be considered as an official dealer of those brands then.

    Open wholesale accounts with wholesale clothing manufacturers and retailers in your market

    You should first open selling accounts with the wholesale clothing retailers or distributors you want to sell the products off. These kinds of forms are readily available on their websites or can be filled out by physically visiting their offices. They would need you to provide documentation before placing an order such as a government permit or sales tax proof.

    Stack your clothes decently if opening a physical store

    The presentation would be very important if you are opening a physical store. For e.g. you can make a separate section for shirts, jeans, seasonal clothes, and undergarments. Rack the clothes according to different sizes so that customers can easily pick the clothes of their relevant size without facing any problems. Ensure that there is enough spacing between racks so that customers can move freely without any hassle.

    Promote your wholesale clothing business

    There are many ways you can advertise and market your clothing business. You can create social networking accounts or place brochures in newspapers, supermarkets, and other stores. Later on, you can promote your business on radio or TV or host a local event for advertising.
  • 4 Tips for Researching and Finding Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

    May 15

    Starting a retailer business requires having a long-lasting and good relationship with your wholesale clothing suppliers. Following are some points to consider for finding good clothing wholesalers and ways to enter into agreements with them.

    1. Wholesale Clothing Business

    The clothing wholesale industry is very huge and widely channelized. There is a hierarchy through which these wholesale clothing dealers work. First on the list comes the manufacturers, who sell to wholesalers. Then comes the wholesalers who sell the goods in the local market and then at the end comes the brokers who sell goods to small-sized local stores. Wholesalers sell products to a number of businesses and retailers, sometimes through an agent and sometimes independently.

    2. Bulk Purchasing

    Wholesale business is very popular due to the volume-related benefits. It means the more products you buy, the higher profit you earn and the lesser cost you incur. Initially, you would be having a small business and your lower sales will not allow you to buy at such a huge level and create relationships with large wholesale dealers. So in the start, smaller wholesale dealers will sell you the products, and eventually, as your business will grow and your sales volume will increase, you will get in touch with large wholesale dealers to negotiate a high volume of goods and lower prices.

    3. Verdict & Choosing Wholesale Dealers

    Finding good and credible clothing wholesalers is tough from whom you can get products of good quality at cheaper prices but there are certain ways you can achieve this:
    • Trade newsletter and magazines
    Go through these weekly or monthly magazines to find wholesale dealers which fit the type of your business.
    • Brand Distributors or Manufacturers
    Usually, brand distributors or manufacturers sell only a large volume of goods if sold directly but you can interact with them so they can help and direct you in finding small level whole dealers for your industry.
    • Surf the Internet
    Internet is the best place for finding merely anything. You can search wholesalers online relevant to your category by mentioning your zip code or address so it gives you localized wholesale dealers. You can also use Yellow Pages and other directories such as Wholesale Central to search wholesale dealers for your business.
    • Ask
    The best solution to know about something is by asking around. Obviously, you can’t ask about such information from your competitors but you can find someone in your social circle who is associated with such type of business or consult someone by attending local events at the Chamber of Commerce or local town events.

    4. The Agreement with Wholesale Dealers

    Once you have found and interacted with your needed wholesale suppliers, it time to work around your suppliers. The more you negotiate, the best you can settle on. Negotiate volume discounts, exchange and return policies, and lead periods. Before signing a contract, read it carefully or get it to vet from your lawyer if needed. Perform your own research for those suppliers along with background checks and obtaining references. Don’t forget to include pricing terms, schedules, delivery details and quantities to be ordered in the agreement terms.
  • How to Design for the Apparel Market

    May 13

    There is a simple rule that you have to keep in mind while designing for wholesale T-shirts market; people appreciate simple, easy to understand, recognizable, and generic ideas. Very arty and complicated ideas don’t work well with the wholesale apparel consumer market. Impenetrable ideas, subjects, and executions are usually a big no for the T-shirt industry. Let’s take the example of Death on a Pale White Unicorn, a best seller at www.shirt.woot.com. The designer of the shirt was able to design it in one and a half hour only. But the concept behind the death on a unicorn was very simple and easy to understand. Hence, was well received by the blank T-shirt industry. We have many examples of complex T-shirt designs that don’t do well in the wholesale markets for apparels and T-shirts. Complex designs don’t work for the mass market, at all! Then there is this argument that certain whole T-shirt websites work in a vacuum where the consumer preferences are extremely specific, but this is not true. We have seen wholesale T-shirt websites that attempt to introduce extremely artistic designs but tend to lose their market share ultimately. We can generalize this by saying every wholesale business attempts to edict its theoretical market, but the ultimate consumer authority put them into a niche. When we look at the sale patterns of wholesale T-shirt websites, which offer a wide variety of genres and sell a different shirt every 24 hours, the pop culture related T-shirts still emerge as winners there. Looking at sale patterns of various Blank T-shirt and wholesale websites we know that the designs with a reference to pop culture are a hit everywhere. So, we can say that artsy designs work for niche markets only. The mass market doesn’t have the ability or want to understand these complex designs. When designing for the wholesale market you have to keep in mind that most people want to wear something that communicates a positive message to the rest of the world. We live in a world where symbols connote different meanings.  People here don’t want to feel alienated and seek acceptance. So, they opt for designs that are easily understood or convey a positive message. Artists, if they like, can try to introduce new symbols, but it is important to spread awareness about them first. So, that they are accepted around easily.  Currently, the designer either has to come up with designs that use an existing symbol or introduce new symbols and work for their acceptance. The second option is indeed very difficult. Here, let us highlight this finding for you that the generic themes like landscapes, abstracts and portraits remain the most selling themes even for the gallery art. We are certain that you know now what design path you ought to follow in order to be successful. Your selection will mainly depend but you can also generalize the concept by looking at the existing market trends.  When you study the blank T-shirt market carefully you will find a bend toward a specific topic or an issue, consistency, as well as explicit design rules. Like references to pop culture are a big hit currently.